Pastor John Denmon

January 6th 2006, was an important date in my life, my family, and the City of Cedar Hill. This is the date that I received a call about an opening for a church that needed a pastor. The congregation had remembered past visits when I had preached for them.

I accepted the call and the ministry to become the pastor for New Life Apostolic Church located in Cedar Hill Texas. It all started in the living room of the saints of this great community. There were a total of 12 people not including my family which made 16.

Once we made the transition and moved from Silsbee Texas where my wife and I were deeply involved in ministry to Cedar Hill, we moved the congregation to having church in our living room. We knew this was a short-term decision because we believed God would provide us a building and that is exactly what he did 6 months later.

We purchased our current location of 332 Texas Street and began remodeling this building to make it “Our” church. What started as a former private school now became a living breathing building with members of the Body of Christ.

What started as a debt has become a paid off endeavor as the church was paid off in 2019. What started with 12 hurt people has become a congregation of 80 strong members looking to continue expanding the Kingdom of God.

We are continuously connecting with the community with our teams of Outreach, Puppets, Nursing Home, Ladies and Men’s ministries. There are Sunday School classes for all ages and different ways to become involved in the church and the community.

As the church has grown, my ministry has grown. I have been involved in multiple types of ministries for over 35+ years. Including but not inclusive to Jail ministries, Nursing Home ministries, Street Rage ministries, Youth ministries, Assistant pastoring and now as an Ordained Minister. Pastoring has been the joy of my life and I would not change it for anything.

God is my Priority and People are my Passion and I’m praying this never changes.

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